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Documenting My
Digital Journey

I’m learning as I go. Learn with me as I figure out how to make
a living and follow my passions through an on line business

I’m not an expert. Not even close.

The reality is I have no clue what I”m doing. I learn what I can. Sometimes from experts, sometimes from other learners, sometimes the old school of hard knocks.

I launched a site, sort of a passion project. Then I started another site, got serious about growing the content and the audience.

Now I see the potential for creating income out of the second project. Could that income support diving more into my passion, the first project? How do I balance the two? Can I develop the income from the one without it completely distracting me from the other?

I’ll share my journey as I find out.

Paradigm Squared

My passion project

I completed my Masters with an eye towards ministry with older adults. I also learned this area of ministry is very low priority. was launched to encourage churches to grow this area of ministry. Provide Age Resources And Develop Inter Generational Ministries.

The PARADIGM paradigm. Paradigm Squared.


I took on some side gigs delivering food with Uber Eats, Grubhub, etc. Once I figured out how to treat it as a business, I found it could pay quite well.

I launched EntreCourier to provide tips and advice for other couriers,

I saw a potential training ground for my work on Paradigm. I learned that consistent quality content can grow an audience. Now I try to learn how to monetize that growth.