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Exploring the Business of Blogging and Content Creation

You start a blog. You launch a Youtube Channel. Or perhaps you get a podcast going.

At some point, you start making money from your content.

Now what?

You’re great at content. But how do you handle the business side? When does it become a business? Does it even HAVE to be a business? Or is it possible to operate the business and still love the heck out of what you do?

That’s what I want to do here. To be a resource. Answer some questions, help you with some of the business things behind your content. And free you up to rock the content you love creating.

I’m not here to be a content expert for you.

That’s because I think you’re better at that than I am. If you’re even looking into how to handle the business side of things, you’re doing something right, right?

You’re the expert of your content. And honestly, there are a ton of people who are so much better at telling you how to blog or how to podcast or how to monetize your content.

What I’m here to do is help you understand the business side of it all. I’ll give you some of the back end of it all.

I’ll share some of my digital journey along the way .

Not to tell you how to do things. Because I’m not an expert. Not even close. I’ve had some success but honestly, how much was because I did it right and how much was it because I stumbled onto the right things?

I’m pretty new at this. I thought maybe my journey might help others who are also new at this. You can learn from my mistakes and some of the things that have gone well. And somewhere along the way, we can figure out together how to handle the business of content.

My Three Blogs

I started this whole journey to launch a passion project. That’s a site called Paradigm Squared, that seeks to encourage and equip people for ministry to and with older adults in local church settings.

To give myself flexibility, I quit my job as a business manager and started some side gigs. Along the line, I figured I could help other gig workers with the business side of being independent contractors, and I started

I had no idea I could make a living off of EntreCourier. Something that started as a side project became another business. And along the way, I found that some of the same questions and challenges exist for content creators that do for gig economy workers.

It’s all about figuring out the business of operating a business that you never really expected to be operating.

And here we are.

When it’s all said and done, you’re better at figuring out the content side of what you’re doing. But maybe something from my journey and my experience can help you figure out the business side of it.

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